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Competitors Compete for a Cause

If you’re an Emmanuel student, you probably saw the yellow and blue signs that read Founders’ Week 2013 or even the large amount of sunflowers that were spread all over campus. You just couldn’t escape them (sorry for those allergic to pollen, you guys must’ve had a bad week). Beginning on January 26 and ending on February 1 marks what the 1804 Society called Founders’ Week.

There were approximately 23 events that the 1804 Society sponsored and coordinated, like the Founders Day Address, and 100 Days Celebration for seniors. But their biggest event, one that many people always anticipate and love to attend, was Competition for a Cause.

Competition for a Cause is also known as “the dodge ball tournament on campus” by many Emmanuel Students. To play, you pay five dollars and have a team of at least five. As a fundraising event, the money goes to a Sister of Notre Dame site of service that is in partnership with Emmanuel. This was the second year the 1804 Society have coordinated this event and it showed a pretty good turnout.

You had some jock teams, Alternative Spring Break had a team along with the infamous Admission Ambassadors. There were about 8 teams competing for the trophy and each faced off in a dodge ball game to win the trophy (which could not be taken home by the winners, bummer).

During these games, the usual you would expect happened; people getting balls thrown at their head, stomach, legs. The 1804 Society also seemed to be having issues with the music in the gym, as the sound system kept scratching, and stopping. But hey, who doesn’t have sound issues during an event in the gym?

It came down to two teams facing off in the finals: one team of jocks and one random team that was put together out of nowhere. This final match lasted between five to eight minutes long, until finally the jocks won the match (surprise, surprise).

The winning team was very enthusiastic about getting their trophy. Once they received it, the jocks were disappointed about not being able to take the trophy with them. But they settled for a picture and were just happy to be named the winners.

The advisor of the 1804 Society, Mark Harrington, mentioned that although they can’t take the trophy with them, that their names will be engraved in it. If this is true, which was neither confirmed nor denied by Harrington, we will have to see if it’s true next year.

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