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Editor’s Note

I sat last night in my friends’ dorm room, listening to them play some video game I could not quite understand while I edited articles for this first edition of The Hub Online. As their character exploded on screen, I began thinking back to when I first joined the Hub staff in Spring 2012.

Only my second semester in college, I joined as the new Public Relations board member, a position I admit today I could have done more with. I sat in on meetings where there was very little attendance and not as much enthusiasm from the Emmanuel community as I would have liked.

When I became Vice President this past fall, I was determined to make the Hub a stronger presence on campus. Thanks to some new students and a strong partnership with the journalism classes, I felt us going stronger but we still failed to put out a physical issue.

Towards the end of the semester, I learned that I was rising to the President position. With this promotion, I became determined to make the Hub what was written by my predecessors in our mission statement: a student-run publication dedicated to expressing the diversity of opinion at Emmanuel College, while maintaining the utmost journalistic integrity. To do so, I realized that we had to change our format to something fresher, cleaner and faster. Online was the only option.

This semester, I worked with my Vice President, Monica Busch, and our Art department advisor, Erich Doubek, to set up The Hub Online and I am proud to have our first online “issue” posted today.

Many of the articles come from Mark Baard’s Writing for Electronic Media class, as he is one of our advisors but several others were written by a few very promising students whose contributions I admire to the highest degree. I feel that this first “issue” is the first step to fulfilling our mission statement and I look forward to all submissions we will receive from now on.

Ultimately, I want The Hub Online to be a form of journalistic expression for the Emmanuel College community and I understand that sometimes there may be some controversy attached to that.

I am not ashamed to admit that Emmanuel was my number one choice when choosing where to go for college and I do not regret my decision in the slightest. But as one of our writers, Sarah Ribeiro, points out in her post, we need to point out our flaws so that Emmanuel can learn from them and grow.

However, nowhere, no one and nothing are ever completely perfect but the only time we truly fail is when we stop striving to be better. As journalists, we must work to be critical and honest at all costs.

So, Emmanuel College students, faculty and staff, I invite you now to join us in making the college a place filled with growth and honesty so that it becomes a place we can truly call our own.

Thank you,

Melissa M. Mecchi

President & Editor-in-Chief

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