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Is the Party Worth the Risk?

Underage students at Emmanuel College find it so cool to attend house parties in Allston, Mass.

The students are well aware that this is the place to be when it comes to college parties. However, since most non-college residents in Allston are so sketchy, they have a habit of showing up on your doorstep once they hear about your party. It is an issue that has gotten out of control.

I’ve been at “Emmanuel parties” with my friends when random people start invading the house we’re in. By people, I am referring to weird old men who clearly have no business showing up there.

Last semester, I went to one such party. Little did I know I was dancing next to two 40 year-old undercover cops and then, two Puerto Rican men showed up asking around for “cocaine” and threatened the cops with a gun.

Ryan Sabuda, an Emmanuel student living Allston, says that the reason Allston has become so incredibly dangerous is because “there’s no rules. Anything goes.”

Police officers in Allston are constantly breaking up college parties in the area because they get out of control because of the noise complaints, but also because they know the amount of drugs being sold by Allston dealers.

Allston is a village in Boston who’s population consists of mainly college students and families from a lower-middle class. In comparison to the city, Allston is relatively a cheap place to live in, hence, anyone can live in Allston.

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