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Lindsay Lying Down: Because She’s Too Lazy To Do Standup Comedy

First in a series of comedy shorts featuring Lindsay St. Jean

My roommate Lindsay and I often discuss things that bother us. Most recently, Lindsay has decided that bodies don’t work very well.

After a scholarly debate about evolution, Lindsay gestured at herself and asked, “Who thought that this was a good idea?”

Who indeed. Although we tried to think of a logical reason, she quickly became dissatisfied with the facts.

Lindsay believes we should just be able to tell our bodies what to do, and they should listen.

“But it doesn’t do that,” she said. “It’s so unhelpful.”

The main issue, Lindsay decided, is that bodies are stupid. She came to this conclusion while reflecting on the popular movie, “Hocus Pocus.”

“When a head gets severed the body is like, UH, UH,” she declared and demonstrated for me what I assume she believes her body would do if detached from her head.

Despite that a body can’t see without its head, or make the demonstrated noises, Lindsay doesn’t not feel that accounts for its behavior. Lindsay insists, “They always make the body seem dumb.”

Who “they” are, only Lindsay seems to know. In the meantime she has concluded that we should look like the blue people from the popular movie “Avatar.”

Editors’ Note: Lindsay Lying Down will be a weekly running column.

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