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Little Money, Big Problems: The Buffalo Exchange

In Boston there are many ways to make cash without the pressure of finding a job.

Why not sell some of your unwanted clothes to a consignment store?

My mission is to find the best place to sell some clothes and make quick cash.

My first stop was at the Buffalo Exchange in Allston.

But at the Buffalo Exchange, the so-called “break the bank” deal came up short.

The sales associate checked each of my items, picked one dress out of the five pieces of clothing I brought, and told me that she’d give me either $2.50 cash or $4.75 store credit.

I felt gipped.

I paid a reasonable price for that dress, and it was in great condition.

My quick cash scheme turned into a bust.

In the end, I took the store credit… My quest will continue!

Editors’ Note: Little Money, Big Problems will be a weekly running column.

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