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Local jam band, The Last of the Independents, releases new EP

The Last of the Independents (LOTI) sound like the music your parents got stoned to.

LOTI started as a local Winthrop jam band but their suburban soul proves intricate song-writing and musicianship ability.

While listening to their recent EP, the Black Keys come to mind but LOTI has something the Keys don’t have: Brittany Wynne.

Wynne’s got pipes and that’s a fact. The raspiness of her voice calls Rod Stewart to mind (when he was actually good) and perhaps, more to the point, Amy Winehouse (hopefully without Winehouse’s tragic ending).

Track one, “Nothing New”, omits nineties path garage grunge, but with the band’s intricate song-writing and soulful musical chops raise it to a whole other level.

Unlike many grunge players, Max Martelli can play a bass riff composed of more than three notes.

The stand out track is definitely “The Widow”. Although the first few verses are a bit repetitious, the song’s rhythm riff is so catchy that it does not matter. The song grooves its merry old way until it climaxes with a burning, one-minute guitar solo that leaves you wanting more.

LOTI’s EP can be streamed off their website. If you like what you hear, check them out on February 15th at McGann’s Irish Pub.

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