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SGA Bumps Student Activity Fee to $220

Yoga, swim club and the college’s other new clubs and events are behind a surprise decision by the Student Government Association’s decision to raise the annual student activity fee for the first time in three years.

The SGA on Tuesday voted unanimously raise the student activity fee by $20.

Some students had the opportunity to weigh-in on the possible increase, which is included in tuition, at an open forum Monday night. However, students were not notified of the forum until Monday morning.

SGA president Erinn Seyler blamed pressure from Student Financial Services for the short notice and quick vote from the student governing body.

“For people who couldn’t attend (Monday night), there was no reason they couldn’t send me an e-mail and express their view.”

Before the meeting, where the SGA approved approximately $800 worth of additional funding, the Finance Committee reported they had $7,200 left in their budget to dole out.

Adviser Dan Darcy noted that the SGA should do a better job of publicizing what it does with its budget.

“The SGA needs to market itself and explain where its money is going,” Darcy said.

Darcy also noted that the SGA gives clubs as much as $75,000 annually to attend conferences around the country. He proposed organizing an ad hoc committee to determine whether such events are worth the expense.

Some SGA members at the meeting suggested lowering the number of on-campus events that clubs are required to have. SGA president Seyler added that clubs should take better responsibility for their events.

“If we give a club $1000 dollars and they throw a lackluster event, then that falls on their shoulders,” Seyler said.

The SGA last increased the annual student activity fee in 2011, from $175 to $200.

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