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The Boys are Back

All was right in the world again on January 19, 2013 because this was the start of the National Hockey League 48 game season.

This shortened season is a result of the lockout between the NHL and the NHL Players Association.  Basically, the team owners wanted more money and the players didn’t want to settle for less than their worth.  In the end, they agreed to a 50/50 split of hockey related revenue in addition to new contract and salary cap rules for players.

After the 113 day lockout ended, the boys of the Boston Bruins started flying back to the city from all around the world. Players like Tyler Seguin, Patrice Bergeron, and Chris Kelly  headed back to the states after going to Europe to play in the European Hockey League during the lockout.

“The boys are back,” is the chant that starts the new Dropkick Murphy’s single, “and they’re looking for trouble.”

This is the song that was featured in the Boston Bruins video opener for the season. The video features images of Boston, the big name players walking into the TD Garden, footage of previous fights/hits, and even the beloved announcers Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley getting ready to a broadcast.

If this video doesn’t make you laugh, cry, smile, excite, or anger you all at the same time, then you don’t understand what the Bruins are all about. Welcome home boys.

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