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The Impossibility of Multitasking

I had always considered myself to be a great multitasker. You give me a job, I’ll always finish on time. And that’s in spite of distractions such as Facebook and Twitter that occasionally get in my way.

Or so I thought. Even if you think you’re a good multitasker, you’re probably pretty bad at it, according to one recent study.

As part of its series, Digital Lives, WBUR business and technology reporter Curt Nickisch writes:

“The myth of multitasking is believing that we can think about several things at once. (MIT professor Earl Miller) says that’s an illusion, analogous to how drunk people think they’re good drivers.

What the brain is really doing is switching from task to task. And every time you switch, and think about a new thing, your brain stumbles a little bit. That slows you down and keeps you from thinking deeper thoughts.”

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