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The Real Rap Queen: Mykki Blanco

Considering the slow-to-change misogynistic and homophobic nature of hip-hop culture, transgender rapper Mykki Blanco (born as Michael David Quattlebaum Jr.) may at first seem out of place. However, as soon as her music starts, she tramples all over the notion that hip-hop isn’t for queers.

Blanco’s videos stir a mix of horror, punk, and queerness into rap. The title of her first video— “Join My Militia [Nas Gave Me a Perm]” should serve a hint.

Blanco isn’t just some novelty act—her rap skills show promise and talent, and the video has received 40,000 views in just over a week.

Filmed in a style that could compete against anything Kanye has released, the video kicks off with Blanco riding around New York in a car with friends, intertwined with close-ups of her rapping about money, drugs, and her dick. Her outfit choices showcase her malleability, switching from wearing chain necklaces and a Chanel do-rag to a BDSM mask and white contacts.  All of the clothing worn definitely shows Blanco as “masculine.”

For anyone new to Blanco, the halfway point of the video would serve as a huge surprise. Here, we see the flexibility of gender expression come into full play as Blanco is suddenly rocking a short blonde bob and lipstick, rolling around in bed with two girls in their underwear. Blanco is only dressed as “feminine” for a surprisingly short time for this video, but it shows a point: there is no way to know what to expect from her.

Watch “Kingpinning” here:

Download Blanco’s mixtape for free from her SoundCloud account: Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss

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