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What’s Up at EC?

As a private Catholic institution, most things at Emmanuel are kept hush-hush.

Any student that’s been here for more than a year can tell you about the “scandals” and drama of a small school. But if you approach these issues as an outsider, they’re hard to find.

I’m not trying to make Emmanuel look bad. As much as I may complain (especially over social media), I love this place.

My aim is to keep EC honest. It’s great to hear good things about the school, but we need to discuss the things that go wrong. Otherwise, we will never be able to grow.

This is a call to action. Emmanuel students, what do you want to discuss? What has been brushed under the rug that needs to be known?

Comment below and start the discussion.

Editors’ Note: What’s Up at EC will be a weekly running column.

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