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Lindsay Lying Down 2: A Realistic Valentine’s Day

Lindsay Lying Down: Episode 2

When Valentine’s Day was fast approaching, Lindsay gave her input, despite the fact that she is happily single.

“Don’t support consumerism by getting a Hallmark card, but do go somewhere and do something fun,” Lindsay advised.

Although she insisted she has no feelings and is allergic to relationships, she still believes that Valentine’s Day means something.

In an attempt to lure the romantic side out of her, I asked what she would be doing on Valentine’s Day.

Lindsay was planning to engage in a little self-love this Thursday, and kindly asked me to make myself scarce.

Unfortunately for Lindsay, her solitary love affair was not meant to be. She was working this Valentine’s Day.

Rather than proclaiming her undying love for herself, she was serving up heart-shaped desserts to couples at Finale. This is an activity which, she assured me, only solidified her decision to be single.

Luckily, Lindsay always keeps inspiring snacks in her purse.

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