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Boston Bluegrass You’ll Want to Hear

Typically, I don’t endorse anything that even resembles country music. In fact, while conversing with bohemian buddies, I usually mention that Johnny Cash is the only country worth listening to. Recent popular country artists like Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw sound similar to the soundtrack of purgatory and I wasn’t sure I would ever back down.

However, after listening to the Boston bluegrass ensemble, Della Mae, my ears have bended. Della Mae is also the only all girl band I’ve committed to since the Spice Girls.

First track I heard was “The Bottle”. The band’s folk roots are prominent on this track, and I realize this is what The Decemberists would sound like if they were actually good. Granted we’ve all heard enough songs about drinking lately (every shitty rap song comes to mind), but vocalist Celia Woodsmith carries her notes. And when she does pause, I was satisfied with the short intervals of guitar solos.

I listened to “The Bottle” three times through and decided to give another song, “Polk Country”, a listen. I was really digging the fiddle on this one. I paused to make sure I haven’t become a country bumpkin and confirmed that I could still pronounce three syllable words. The intro in this song resembles Brother Dege’s “Too Old to Die Young” (and a few of the other tracks off the Django Unchained Soundtrack.)

Della Mae’s track “Down To You” is a bit catchier and will get you off your feet. Thankfully, I was listening to this in the comfort of my own room so no one could see me dancing.

The only track that disappointed me was “Aberdeen”. While Woodsmith’s vocals are really spot-on on this one, the tempo drags, begging an unfavorable comparison to Sheryl Crow. If Della Mae makes it big, “Down To You” will be the song we hear while shopping at department stores or dentist offices.

Anyone that finds themselves stuck in the same old bag should give Dell Mae a listen. The band is giving Carrie Underwood a run for her money, but then again so is white noise.

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