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Writer’s Block?

Do you like to write in your spare time? Have you always wanted some feedback on that short story you wrote?  Then there is a club at Emmanuel that might interest you…

Writer’s Block has been on campus since fall 2011. But new co-presidents Ellen Donahue and Anna Rinehart are giving it a facelift.

“We are a fun, creative club for writers. You don’t have to be a professional or English major,” says Donahue. “We take amateurs and anyone is welcome.”

Writer’s Block used to be an open forum where people would get together, try to get the creative juices flowing with some writing prompts and generally have a good time. Donahue and Rinehart want to keep the same light atmosphere, but want to offer something more.

Their new approach will introduce writing workshops, which will start off the meetings each week.

Workshops are a way for writers to read and discuss each other’s work, hopefully giving back good insight on how their writing can improve. The workshop topics vary from poems to short stories, but academic papers are not what their looking for. For that, you can go to the ARC.

If you want help with poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction, come to Writer’s Block on Wednesdays from 6-8 pm in the St. Ann’s lounge.

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