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5 Things I Learned About Beyonce


Photo: HBO Canada

It seems like since the start of the year Beyonce has been everywhere.

She sang at the inauguration, performed at the Super Bowl, and announced her upcoming world tour. This past weekend, she sat down with Oprah on Oprah’s Next Chapter and debuted her documentary Life is But a Dream on HBO.

I tuned in for both Beyonce’s interview and documentary and found the documentary most interesting. The footage was her own and I learned a few things about her and her personal life.

1. She’s human. While Beyonce is held in such high esteem and seems to have an “other worldly” presence, she is just like the rest of us, (minus the bank account and great voice). She gets mad, she cries, she eats.

2. She curses. It seemed her favorite profanity was “shit”. I was surprised and a little taken aback when early on in the film Beyonce cussed. It first occurred when she messed up on a line in a song and the profanities flowed from there.

3. She did in fact procreate with husband Jay Z. Since announcing her pregnancy there have been numerous conspiracy theories regarding the origin and birth of the child. It was speculation that Beyonce walked around with a prosthetic baby bump for the nine months while hiding  a surrogate. In the film, she shared footage of her actual bare (although dimly lit) belly and a clip of the baby, who bares a huge resemblance to both parents.

4. She’s a bit of a hard ass when it comes to her work. In no way do I mean that negatively. Her strong work ethic is something to be admired, but it is definitely different from the persona the public sees. In many of the clips, her frustration was apparent with those she was working with and you could see her restraint obviously due to the cameras.

5. She’s a control freak. She makes her own songs, she manages herself, she directs herself, and edits herself. While the documentary was “insight” into Beyonce’s life I would closely relate it to Instagram in motion. Plenty of pretty (and “unpretty”) images with audio captions to go with them. Everything was put together just right to go along with the stars almost perfect life. The most interesting thing I got out of it was that she curses.

While it may not have been so insightful according to the Hollywood Reporter, it’s:

A film that sells itself as a candid self-portrait ends up revealing not much at all.

I would say it was something interesting to watch on an otherwise uninteresting Sunday night.

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