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Beware of this Quick Buzz

As a twenty-something college student in Boston, nothing puts a bigger dent into my bank account than the occasional weekends spent out at the bars.

But according to a recent study, diet soda may save us 21+ bar hoppers a couple of bucks by the end of the night.

As reported in Time Magazine, it was found that using diet soda as a mixer for your drink will increase your breath-alcohol content by 18% before you even realize you’re drunk.

“The stomach reacts to sugary drinks as though they are food, working to digest the calories…[but with diet soda] the stomach doesn’t recognize that it needs to do anything with that drink, because it has no sugar. It goes right to small intestine where the most alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream.”

So I urge you to take this post with a word of advice and caution:

If you’re looking to protect your wallet but reach that same good-feel buzz, opt for a rum and diet coke at the bar, you might not need as many as you think.

BUT take your time and enjoy your drink or your buzz may turn to drunk before you even realize it.

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