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Oscar Predictions: What to Expect on Hollywood’s Biggest Night

The Oscars are tomorrow, so why don’t we have a rundown of likely winners?

First of all, Best Picture. I see it coming down to a four-way race between Silver Linings Playbook, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty and Les Miserables. I don’t know much about Playbook, so I’m going to call this as reducing further to a two-way race between Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty.

Best Supporting Actor is probably going to be Christopher Waltz for Django Unchained or Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln. Based on past history, Lincoln is probably gonna take this one.

Best Supporting Actress will be between Sally Field for Lincoln, Anne Hathaway for Les Mis and Jacki Weaver for Playbook. Since she was one of the only remotely good things in that movie, I’m giving this one to Anne Hathaway.

Best Director comes down to David O. Russell (Playbook) and Steven Spielberg (Lincoln). Too close to call this one.

Best Actor has Daniel Day Lewis (Lincoln), Denzel Washington (Flight), Hugh Jackman (Les Mis), Bradley Cooper (Playbook) and Joaquin Phoenix (The Master). Probably going to be Lewis or Jackman and Jackman certainly doesn’t deserve it for this one. Would be nice to see Denzel Washington win this one.

I see Best Actress being Jennifer Lawrence (Playbook) or Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty). Lawrence has really hit hard and hit often between 2011 and now, so let’s give her some recognition.

Best Original Screenplay is going to be Zero Dark Thirty or Django. I’d love to see Django win this one, personally, but it’s not the kind of movie that normally wins this stuff, so Bin Laden’s death will take this one.

Best Adapted Screenplay is probably going to be Lincoln, Argo or Playbook. This is probably all Argo has a chance for and it wasn’t even that bad so let’s show them some love.

I’m calling Best Animated Feature between Brave and Wreck-It Ralph. Brave was cutesy and adorable and fluffy, but it didn’t really do anything other than that, whereas Ralph basically rewrote the book on strong, relatable female video game characters, among other things.

Best Visual Effects are tied between The Hobbit and Prometheus and you really can’t make someone choose in this category between the prequels to Lord of the Rings and Alien, respectively. Too much of the original property to live up to and in this area, they both knock it out of the park.

Best Cinematography comes down to Skyfall, Django and Lincoln. Again, Django probably won’t win despite how cool that would be.

Best Costume Design comes down to Les Mis and Lincoln and this is another too close one. On the one hand Lincoln nailed its period clothing, while on the other we have the ridiculous costumes of the Thernadiers and those two are again were part of the only good things about that movie.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling definitely goes to The Hobbit. Its only competition is Hitchcock and Les Mis.

Best Original Song is probably going to go to Skyfall, mainly because of Adele, who is also performing. But if there’s any upset in that coming, it’s going to be from Ted.

And that’s all I really have any authority to comment on. Have fun anticipating the winners!

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