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The Yoga Club Experience

I went to yoga club on Wednesday, February 13 and it was even better than I expected. Before class started an announcement was made by one of the board members. The club has successfully booked the Avenue Commons modular building for Tuesday night sessions at 8pm in addition to their Wednesday night sessions at 7pm.

The club plans to keep having guest instructors from Back Bay Yoga Studio and decided to introduce donation based classes. The way it works is classes can still be free but if you appreciated the instructor or come every week, you can donate however much you feel the class was worth to you.

After the class I decided defiantly wouldn’t mind throwing down a dollar or two for the instructor. The class was worth it. It was just as informative and engaging as any class I had paid to go to.

The instructor did a great job making the class easy for beginners. I have a little yoga experience but it has been at least four years since I went to an actual class.

I got there early expecting a crowded and I was happy I did. The room filled up quickly after I found a spot on the floor. People continued to trickle in for a while. It was annoying but they were mostly considerate.

I was happily surprised when the instructor turned out the lights and instead turned on two small lamps. It was very calming not to have the harsh florescent lights over head.

Many people look at yoga as a way to distress and relax. As someone who is not the most fit it also doubled as a workout for me. After twenty minutes I was sweating. The instructor told us it may have also been because she cranked the heat up to 80. The routine included deep lunges and squats, which are as much for improving balance as they are for strength. But it didn’t take away from my nice feeling of calm and accomplishment from doing something good for myself.

The lesson concluded with some meditation and deep breathing. It was nice to have a little quiet in my day. The best part was the next morning I woke up with sore abs.

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One Response to The Yoga Club Experience

  1. wartica

    February 23, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    Keep with this amazing art because you’ll soon start to see it’s more than just a quality burn and good stretch; can’t wait to hear about your progress with it:))