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Blood is the New Black

New York Fashion Week usually marks an onset of trend talk from anyone who cares about clothing.

Although I would consider myself one of those people, I rarely follow the predicted trends and stick to my usual black on black ensembles.

But when The Blonds debuted their fall/winter 2013 collection I decided it was the only thing that mattered this NYFW.

What do Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, Christian Louboutin heels, and Swarovski encrusted corsets have in common?

The answer: The Blonds and my heart.

This fall David and Phillipe Blond, the designing duo, gave us classic Hollywood horror. Norman Bates’ appeared on a cape, Jack’s crazy grinning face from The Shining on a corset and Vera Miles screaming in the shower on a dress.

The Blonds played with black, raven-inspired feathers on corsets, created a full-length faux chinchilla jumpsuit and dared to a design a garment covered in thick winding rope.

A nude asymmetrical skirt with matching corset precisely slashed with huge blood-red gem covered zippers made the collection for me.

The tiny dangling knives on jewelry and the matching nail art – we’re talking iconic horror moments painted onto nails – left me wondering which limb I could go without in order to afford a single piece from the collection.

The Blonds fall/winter 2013 collection has me admitting, blood is the new black.

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