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Did James McTeigue’s The Raven Flop or Fly?

I have to admit, I have been leery about watching recently made films released on Netflix. I have found, that the majority of these movies compare to the likes of something FX would preview as a filler-film on a Sunday afternoon (to those who aren’t familiar with FX, they play shitty B-list movies).

However, when I saw that Netflix had released The Raven I couldn’t deny the English major in me: I had to watch the film.

What could be better than a movie based off Edgar Allen Poe poems starring none other than my favorite actor John Cusack?

Clearly I’m biased in this week’s choice.

The Raven follows Poe (played by Cusack) who is enlisted to help solve a set of murders that mimic his poetry and short stories.

Poe is not exceedingly invested in the case; that is until his fiancé Alice Eve (played by Emily Hamilton) is kidnapped by the killer. The majority of the film follows Cusack as he attempts to solve the murders before the next kill is made.

The pacing in the film is relatively seamless and the suspense builds to an interesting plot twist.

Cusack matches the morose Poe in both performance as well as appearance.

However, the only downfall of the film was it’s confusion in regards to the portrayal of the time period. While I can’t deny my school-girl obsession for Cusack, his performance as Poe left me confused. He jumped from traditional English dialect to using modern-day words such as “twat”. It is, however, hard to determine if this oversee is the fault of actor or director.

The Raven did surprise me in its uniqueness. It proved to be a breath of fresh air, especially in the world of free movies.

While it may not be the next The Silence of the Lambs, The Raven is thought provoking and worth a watch.

The Raven runs 110 min. and is rated R.


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