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Lindsay Lying Down 3: Weird Kids Suck

Lindsay Lying Down: Episode 3

Lindsay has always been a fortunate individual. All the dangerous things we were warned not to do, she has found a way to make it through without a scratch.

She once hung out with a pimp in Europe who explained to his business to her while they had drinks. She’s taken on three drunk college boys, sprained her ankle, and then proceeded to walk home at 3am in 4-inch heels. All in one night.

However, Lindsay ponders whether or not her good fortune is being diminished because my bad luck is touching her good luck. Although I never do anything dangerous, Lindsay’s street-wise aura has not blessed me with any kind of immunity.

Lindsay is not worried about these things though. In fact, Lindsay does not seem to worry about anything since things just work out for her.

Her mysteriously missing retainer showed up after 3 weeks of being MIA. Even the ultimate terror, losing your wallet, did not effect her; despite the fact that Shaw’s was closing early that day due to the snow, they kept it open just a few minutes longer so she was still able to retrieve it.

Had it been me, I am sure it would have turned out much differently. I know because I had my phone stolen the very next day. Lindsay’s reaction to these events was a punctual, “HA! You’re life sucks.”

Lindsay has decided the only safe thing she can do with me around is watch Law and Order SVU.

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