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And The Oscar Goes To…

Sunday night was the annual 85th Academy Awards hosted by Seth McFarlane. Between the red carpet and celebrity hobnobbing, many celebrities partied it up for the best of the best in 2012. As the night moved on to award the top celebrities in Hollywood, many people gathered predictions and pools as to who was going to win big. One of our own writers Matt Maimone even had his predictions. Was he right, wrong or very close?

Let’s recap:
For Best Picture, his predictions were a four way race between Silver Linings Playbook, Lincoln, Les Miserables, and Zero Dark Thirty to finally stating the battle for the Oscar was going to be between Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty. The winner was Argo. Personally I thought Les Miserables was going to win due to the hype.

Up next he predicted Best Supporting Actor, his two close competitors being Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained or Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln. Here I was so sure Lincoln was going to win but Django Unchained seemed pretty close too. He was on point, the winner was Christoph Waltz.

As for Best Supporting Actress his prediction was between Sally Field for Lincoln and Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables to then predicting Anne Hathaway as the winner. He was right as Anne took the Oscar for Supporting Actress. I knew she was going to win she was amazing in that film!

Next up on the docket, Matt predicted Best Director of who came down to David O Russel for Silver Linings Playbook or Steven Spielberg for Lincoln. The winner was Ang Lee for the movie Life of Pi. I never saw Life of Pi but I agree with Matt’s predictions since they were very close competitors.

For the next prediction for Best Actor he had it down to a four way race of Denzel Washington for Flight, Daniel Day Lewis for Lincoln, Hugh Jackman for Les Miserables, and Joaquin Phoenix for The Master. I loved Les Mis, but I thought it was best to give it to Lincoln. And the Oscar went to Daniel Day Lewis for Lincoln.

As for Best Actress his prediction was down to Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook or Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty and he hoped Jennifer Lawrence would win and he was right. Since the Hunger Games, I had a feeling she was going to win.

Moving on to the screen writers now Matt predicted for Best Adapted Screenplay was going to be Lincoln, Argo or Playbook and predicted Argo was going to win it. The winner was Chris Terrio for Argo. I was hoping it was going to be Lincoln but they were good as well.

For Original Screenplay he thought it was down to Django or Zero Dark Thirty, to which the winner was Quentin Tarantino for Django. I haven’t seen either so my best guess was with Django.

Now for the Best Animated Featured, I have to disagree with Matt. I didn’t really want Wreck It Ralph to win due to the fact I also didn’t see it. I heard it was amazingly cute and funny. However, Brave had a storyline that really resonated with me. He predicted Wreck it Ralph as the winner. The Oscar went to Brave.

Moving onto the screen, the next prediction for Best Visual Effects was tied between The Hobbit and Prometheus. The winner was Life of Pi. Here I was hoping the Hobbit due to the sheer fact it had amazing action scenes. For Cinematography, Matt’s best choices were down Skyfall, Django, and Lincoln. The winner was Life of Pi. I haven’t seen these yet but I was surprised since I thought the others were pretty good competitors. As for Costume Design he predicted Les Mis and Lincoln. I can see how Les Mis might have won that due to Anne Hathaway’s really short hair and I agree with Matt on the characters costumes like the Thernadiers. However, the winner was Anna Karenina.

Next we have Makeup and Hairstyling Matt was close on this one, he predicted Hitchcock and Les Miserables and the winner was Les Mis. This I totally agreed with since the makeup and hair on Anne was done phenomenally. Finally, his last prediction was for Best Original Song which even he knew was going to Adele for the song Skyfall for the movie of the same name. I can’t disagree that she takes the cake on that one. His other choice competitor was a song from the movie Ted.

There were some categories however he did miss. The Oscars also went to these winners for:

Best Original Song: “Skyfall” from Skyfall by Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth
Best Animated Short Film: Paperman
Live Action Short Film: Curfew
Documentary Short Subject: Inocente
Foreign Language Film: Amour
Sound Editing: A tie between Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall
Film Editing: Argo
Production Design: Lincoln

So in total, Matt was pretty close on some, a bit far off for a few and spot on for last night’s winners. Now we are all looking forward to the upcoming movies this spring and summer to see who will be next year’s winners.

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