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Fung Wah Company Takes Buses Off the Road

This has got to be the greatest news ever.

I have been on one of these torture chambers of a bus before before and there was never a doubt in my mind that these vehicles were loaded with structural cracks. The entire time I ever rode on one of these buses I would just assume it could be the end.

I am definitely not the only alone because when I would finally work up the courage to look up, I would see people praying that they would make it to Boston.

A few other problems with the Fung Wah:  The entire bus ride you feel like you are on the scariest roller coaster ride you could imagine. It smells of a used bathroom and the personal space rule does not exist as you get to know your seat partner very well even though you really do not want to.

The mysterious person driving the bus has absolutely no concern for any life when they’re on the Mass Pike. To top it off even when you’re on a different bus, you sometimes see the Fung Wah in the lane next to you about to burst into flames you begin to fear for your life.

However, I may find myself missing the Fung Wah when I only need to pay two dollars to get back home and have the thrill of surviving that death trap.

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