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Midterm Madness

With midterms fast approaching for Emmanuel students, coursework is at an all time high and patience at an all time low. Here are a couple of useful tips for you to help relax and push through these next few hectic weeks.

  1. Make Lists: Staying organized during midterms is essential. Not only can it prevent an assignment or test from sneaking up on you but it can also make you feel accomplished. A trick I use to de-stress is listing everything. I list everything from the vitally important to the completely insignificant.  After checking off seven things on my list, I start to feel less stressed.
  2.  Reward Yourself: Unfortunately, in order for many of us to produce results, we need to see a light at the end of the tunnel, usually in the form of a reward. I’m not talking the type of reward that I’m sure many of you already grant yourselves: If I read the next three pages of this article I can go on Facebook for 10 minutes. Let’s be honest, that’s counterproductive and there are definitely better ways we can spend our time then by living vicariously through study abroad pictures. Push yourself during these next couple of weeks. If you’re proud of your results purchase something you’ve been thinking about getting for a while, or splurge on a dinner out and a bottle of wine. Pat yourself on the back–you deserve it!
  3. Hang Out Alone: When tensions are high and you and your friends have a heavy course-load sometimes time apart is just what you need. Hang out by yourself for a couple hours, maybe a catch a movie or take a walk. Surrounding yourself with people is great, but when stress levels are high spending too much time together could lead to unnecessary arguments.
  4. Make a Study Playlist: I create playlists for almost everything. Working out, going out, driving, or even cooking. However, my studying playlists are always the most difficult to make. I want something that relaxes me, but not so much that I’m falling asleep with my face in a philosophy book. Whatever genre of music you like, make a playlist that won’t distract or let you drift off.
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