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Brooke Candy: “Rap Game Lorena Bobbit”

Brooke Candy, the underground feminist rap sensation, is bringing her claws (seriously, look at her nails) back out for the music video for “I Wanna F*** Right Now.”

The video starts off with Candy in her dressing room, doing her makeup and putting in her 30 inch braided extensions, while chanting the titular “I wanna f*** right now” line. As one would expect, the song is extremely vulgar in every aspect, with lines about cutting off phalluses and instructing men to “eat it up like Hannibal Lector.”

Candy struts around with snakes wrapped around her body, disrobing down to her metallic underwear. A throwback to her past occupation, she hangs upside down from a stripper pole in her platform heels (which are probably close to a foot tall) and allows snakes to wrap themselves around her. She raps about “reppin’ the women” while reminding men that they “ain’t nothin’ but d*** to me, boy.” All of this is played out over a beat that samples Britney Spears’ “Womanizer.” She sure knows her to mix sexy and terrifying.

Back in August, Candy gained fame by appearing in Grimes’ apocalyptic, female-only video for her single “Genesis.” Soon after, Candy released her own video for her song “Das me,” which was laced with pro-female, sex-positive lyrics like “slut is now a compliment, a sexy ass female who runnin’ shit and confident.” “I Wanna” essentially acts as a sequel to “Das me,” echoing the same messages.

Aside from providing a voice for girl power, Candy frequently talks and raps about homosexuality. In interviews, and on her Tumblr, she openly discusses her attraction to women, and in her songs, she always throws out a nod to her “Fag Mob” (her affectionate pet name for her friends and fans).

She ends “I Wanna” with the line, “I don’t really give a f***, I’m a dyke,” which seems to be a perfect representation of her personality.

Although being branded as just a a new inclusion to the “slutwave” genre by sites such as Hipster Runoff, Candy uses her body as a focal point (or as she says, a “weapon”), purely because she wants to—not to gain some male fans. She loves her body and that’s something to be respected. Contained in her work are valid points about our misogynistic, slut-shaming culture in her work (and the amount of hateful comments on her videos for this surely proves her point), and she knows how to have fun while doing so.

Watch the video below, because even if you don’t care about feminism (helpful hint: you should), who doesn’t want to watch a short, white girl rap, make out with a snake, and twerk on a pole?

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