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Snitch: Don’t Even Bother

Recently I saw the movie Snitch and I only have two things to say about it: it confused me and I’m not sure why it exists.

Dwayne Johnson plays the owner of a construction business whose son gets set up by his scumbag drug dealer friend. Lawyers offer a plea bargain, but his son is reluctant to take it. So he decides it’s high time for him to act like a dad and get his son out of trouble.

You see that decision I just mentioned? The one that defines pretty much the entire movie? That came in somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour into the movie. This is not ok. The driving force of a character’s motivation should be evident from the word go, or at the very least with the minimum amount of world-building required.

It is also not ok that this movie is shot in shakey-cam. That technique does not fly in what is supposed to be a good action movie. It only works in bad horror movies.

And for another thing, it’s over two hours long and nothing that happens was able to make me give a damn. For over two hours I was waiting for someone to do something to engage me. Hell, I’d take a final shootout where everyone was just chucking pies at each other over the ending I got. At least would’ve made me laugh for the first time.

This movie was just a fat wad of nothing and it wasn’t even fun nothing. Nobody made me care about anything, nothing engaged me and Dwayne Johnson has just never been a good action star. Can he just go back to wrestling? That’s pretty much his thing. Go do that. Stop making bad movies and go do your thing, Dwayne Johnson. Please.

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