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Mediterranean Diet Leads to a Healthy Heart

As twenty-somethings, we feel invincible. But it’s never too early to start protecting your heart for those weary years down the road.

A recent study has found that following a “Mediterranean Diet,” rich in olive oil and nuts, decreases a person’s risk for cardiovascular problems.

While I never enjoy hearing the word “diet,” the Mediterranean Diet provides less restrictions and more promotion of heart-healthy ingredients such as olive oil, nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh fish.

Thankfully for Emmanuel’s students, our on-campus catering company, Bon Appétit, provides all the options you need to eat the Mediterranean way.

“At Bon Appétit, we developed the In Balance program to make it easier for you to create your own balanced plate when making choices in our cafés…[this offers a] balanced proportion of whole grains, fresh vegetables, and lean proteins, all prepared with a minimal amount of healthy fat.”

According to their website, Bon Appétit purchases fresh seafood, locally grown and organic produce and uses olive and canola oils in all their cooking.

So skip the cheeseburger from the grill and grab the fish option at the comforts station instead. Visit the salad bar and don’t forget those heart-healthy toppings (offered at the beginning of the bar near the greens) where you can find a variety of nuts and natural oils to dress your meal.

Your heart will thank you later.

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