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Put a smile on, Mass – We’re in the top 10

How’s your overall well-being been this past year? Hopefully not too shabby since Massachusetts was just ranked in the top ten of Gallup Poll’s 2012 national Well-Being Index, along with New Hampshire and Vermont.

High-five, New England.

Through nationwide interviews between January and December 2012, the wellbeing index averaged numerous “sub-indexes,” including life evaluation, physical health, emotional health, healthy behavior, work environment and work access of the residents.

Nationwide, Massachusetts is also reported to have the highest “basic access score” among its residents, meaning we are greatly satisfied with the availability of basic necessities.

“This top score is partly a result of having the highest percentage of residents with health insurance in the nation. The Basic Access Index also measures residents’ access to other health essentials, including enough money for food, shelter, and medicine; a safe place to exercise; and clean water.”

To top it all off, Boston, Cambridge and Quincy rank in the top 20% for overall wellbeing out of Massachusetts’s Metropolitan Statistical Areas. Apparently it isn’t all too difficult to please us city folks.

Ranking among the bottom ten states of overall wellbeing were a majority of those down south, including West Virginia, Kentucky and Mississippi in the bottom three.

It’s no surprise that for the fourth consecutive year in a row, the islands of Hawaii were ranked number one. I’m sure life is much more simple, when Nemo is only a fish.

To find out where your state is ranked, visit Gallup’s Well-Being Reports.

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