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Boston’s 3rd Annual Urban Iditarod

Drunk, costumed and wielding elaborately decorated shopping carts, participants of Boston’s Urban Iditarod were a spectacle to be had on Boylston Street Saturday morning. In this loose interpretation of the famous Alaskan dog sled race, runners in teams of six sprint from bar to bar around Boston, shopping cart in tow, drinking and competing in challenges (but mostly drinking).

Boston’s 2013 Urban Iditarod began at Landsdowne Pub and led competitors on a 3.5 mile mad dash around

Photo: Gregory Cookland

Photo: Gregory Cookland

downtown Boston to a total of 5 bars. Over 100 teams competed in challenges that ranged from bowling to pole dancing. (You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a grown man dressed as a troll doll trying to work a pole)

But the best part of the Iditarod isn’t the talent show, the running or even the drinking — it’s the costumes. Each team is required to come up with a theme and corresponding costume design. This year, teams went above and beyond. Body painted superheroes, paper mache barnyard animals, the mighty ducks and even newspaper-clad gladiators turned out to take part in the spectacle.

Because it wasn’t enough to be a pub crawl, a 5k, a talent show and a costume contest, the Urban Iditarod is also a food drive. All teams filled their shopping carts with canned goods and non-perishables that were donated at the end of the race to the Boston Medical Center Food Pantry.

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