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Little Money, Big Problems: The Garment District

Last weekend, I was able to gather up some clothes that I wanted to sell, and headed over to the Garment District in Cambridge.

According to the website, the Garment District purchases clothes Wednesday through Saturday from 12pm-7pm, no appointment necessary. There’s a 25 piece maximum and all items must be in good condition.

The Garment District is known as an “Alternative Department Store” that started in the late 1980s.

It has Boston Costume on the 1st floor, massive amounts of clothing (designer and contemporary), vintage items (from the 50s-90s), shoes, accessories, and more!

The store has a room on the first floor where there’s just piles and piles of clothes. This is their By The Pound section. You go through the piles, pick up as many items as you like, it get’s weighed, and you pay $1.50/pound. Crazy right?

I instantly went for the clothes. The 2nd floor has a great vintage section and after trying on a bunch of dresses I ended up liking three.

I made my way to the first floor where the registers and purchasing is done, but I found out that there was a long waiting list for selling clothes.

I didn’t realize the store runs by a first come first serve basis.

Though I wanted to sell my clothes, I ended up buying three dresses instead. Next time I’ll definitely sell my stuff first.

If you’re thinking about selling your clothes to the Garment District the way they price it is you get 30% of the suggested retail price in cash, or 60% in store credit.

The Garment District is definitely my new favorite place.

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