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Zumba Anyone?

Recently, a friend of mine suggested we try Zumba. I was bored with my usual elliptical routine but in my mind Zumba is just another word for Jazzercise. It’s just a way to dress up, do some cardio to loud music while exaggerating dance moves. I wasn’t thrilled at the concept, but it was only $5 to drop in on a class.

Simmons has a program called LEAP which offers yoga, spinning and Zumba every week, for a price of course.

I was immediately thrown into the action. The beat was strong and the songs were all familiar.. Each song had a specific routine to fallow and I only wish I had done my research beforehand. I laughed when Shakira’s “Waka Waka” came on and I half expected the class to reenact her music video. Sadly, we didn’t.

Photo: ilovememphis/Flickr CC

I am not a very good dancer, so it took me a few songs to feel comfortable, but the atmosphere was laid back. It was great for stress relief. And by the end of the hour, I was dripping sweat and felt accomplished.

Bring a big water bottle and be prepared to let loose.  If you are someone with a background in dance, you would really enjoy this class. But don’t let it stop you if you’re only a beginner. I got along fine with only minor embarrassment.

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