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Fashion Wants Revenge



I find myself to be very superstitious. Don’t you dare open that umbrella indoors next to me and you better believe I’ll be wearing my crystal when there’s blood on the moon.

I’m not sure if anyone else has these irrational fears but it seems that lately fashion is dwelling on the superstitions as well.

The evil eye on clothing and jewelry has been rising in popularity only to completely break out in Kenzo’s Autumn/Winter 2013 show for Paris Fashion Week.

You can find the eye literally from head to toe in the collection. Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the duo behind Kenzo, explained that their inspiration for the collection was the spiritual aspect of India.

Photo: Kenzo

Photo: Kenzo

Some believe that the evil eye can curse victims, the most common form attributed to envy. Others think that wearing an evil eye will protect them.

The eyes appeared on everything from bomber jackets to sweaters that featured rounded shoulders and skirts with funky asymmetrical box or oval shapes. At the same time high collars, wrap fastenings and luxe silk fabrics helped to evoke “ancient Asian warriors.”

Maybe Kenzo was thinking the evil eye would make everyone jealous of the person wearing the garment or maybe

that the eyes would protect the person wearing it from the worst dress list?

Either way the evil eye is a trend to watch.

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