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Boston Dominance

The Boston Bruins have quite the schedule this March. They have played nine games so far but still have eight more to play, including one today. In all, it equals 17 games in only 31 days. To say this schedule is hectic would be a huge understatement.

Coach Claude Julien has to make sure that his players are able to handle this schedule both physically and mentally. With this shortened season, the players know what is at stake.

“Coaching staff always does a good job at using the whole bench and making sure that everybody has enough rest and making us aware of the fact that there’s really nothing we can do about the schedule,” said Center Gregory Campbell.

Despite the tight schedule, the Bruins have been able stay on top of the Eastern Conference and are fourth overall in the league.

To add to this impressive standing, the Bruins have played less games than other teams in the league and have still managed to score more points than teams who have played more games than they have.

And did I mention that in addition to this crazy schedule, Bruins players are still managing to schedule in charity work. If the teams playing the Bruins this month aren’t scared, they should be.

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