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ECDM: It’s For the Kids

Emmanuel offers numerous student clubs and organization for a variety of interests. Last year, Emmanuel College Dance Marathon joined the Emmanuel community. This organization works to raise money for the Boston Children’s Hospital through an all-night dance event.

Despite the short time it has been on campus, Emmanuel College Dance Marathon (ECDM) has made a huge impact. Numerous other schools in the Boston area hold their own dance marathon for the Children’s Hospital but in it’s inaugural year, Emmanuel’s event raised $18,400, the most funds raised of any school in the Boston area.

Students have spent countless hours planning and fundraising leading up to the event and this year, ECDM hopes to raise $20,000. Although the actual dance marathon, which occurs over a 13 hour period, does not take place until April 13th, there have already been multiple events to raise money for the event.

On February 20th, For Good Measure, Emmanuel’s all female a cappella group, hosted a benefit concert to raise money for Children’s hospital. For a small admission fee, students were able to watch For Good Measure, as well as a couple solo acts, perform several songs. The concert raised $150 for the cause.

ECDM hosted Dancing with the EC Stars on February 28th to further fundraise for their cause. This event paired a student with a faculty member to perform a dance. The couples performed a wide array of dances, including jazz and salsa. Awards were given at the end of the night in numerous categories, such as best outfits and best song. The fan favorite award was one of the most important of the night because although it gave one couple the coveted title, it also raised a great deal of money for the cause.

There were six cans, one for each couple, and people were able to donate money in these cans to vote for their favorite couple. At the end of the night, the money in each can was counted and the couple with the most in their can was awarded with the title of fan favorite. Although admission to this event was free, it still raised over $1000 for the cause through these fan-favorite cans. It was announced at the end of the night that the organization as a whole has raised over $19,000 throughout their numerous fundraising efforts. With a month left to fundraise, it looks as though they will certainly reach their $20,000 goal.

In the two years since ECDM was established, it has done a great deal to make a positive impact. Students work tirelessly in the months leading up to the dance marathon to organize events and ensure their fundraising goal will be met. This year’s fundraising events have improved upon last year’s already impressive accomplishments. With such excellent events from the hard working group of members, ECDM will surely continue to successfully help their cause.

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