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The Boston Phoenix Goes Under

For all of us Bostonian English/Communications upperclassmen that have already pledged our allegiances to a lifetime of unemployment and vodka, the search for a summer internship just got a little harder: The Boston Phoenix is closing down.

Last Thursday, publisher Stephen M. Mindich announced the closure on the Phoenix’s blog:

“As of now the Boston Phoenix has ceased publishing and will not continue as it is. As everyone knows, between the economic crisis beginning in 2007 and the simultaneous radical changes in the media business, particularly as it has affected print media advertising, these have been extremely difficult times for our Company and despite the valiant effort by many, many past and current staff to attempt to stabilize and, in fact, reverse our significant financial losses, we have been unable to do so and they are no longer sustainable.”

Joe Hanlon started The Phoenix in 1965 and since then, it has been the leading alternative press of Boston. For me, the “More Perfect Union” issue comes to mind which features Obama crossing the Delaware, with a rainbow following behind him. Or I even think back to last August, when The Phoenix featured Mitt Romney as Captain America on the cover. Of course, there was the infamous, scandalous Shit Boston Cops Say article that we will always remember and cherish in our hearts. My point being, The Phoenix has always been a legitimate, upworthy news source with a DIY attitude and pre-Reddit sense of humor. Hopefully, The Weekly Dig will still live on and keep the alternative news in press. If for no other reason than I’m not looking forward to scrolling through the half-illiterate cyberorgs to find a decent Boston blog.

Fortunately, The Phoenix will live on in Portland and Providence. The BostoPhoenix will feature its last online article this Friday. Check it out on their websiteAlso, The New Yorker writer, Susan Orlean has featured an article about her early experience in journalism at The Phoenix.

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