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Lindsay Lying Down 4: I’m Good At Things

Lindsay Lying Down: Episode 4

Lindsay is of the opinion that learning new things helps the brain.

“You work different parts of the brain when you teach yourself new things,” Lindsay said.

With this goal in mind, Lindsay asked me if I could show her how to crochet. My previous attempts at teaching others haven’t been success stories. However, Lindsay wouldn’t stop begging.

After many false starts, Lindsay expressed her frustration.

“I’m good at things!” she said passionately. She did not believe it was going to be this difficult to crochet.

Lindsay decided to verbalize directions to herself, and even put a few to song to keep things lively. Unfortunately, this only helped so much.

Exhausted and annoyed, Lindsay decided on a course of action and told me, “I’m just going to do it the way I think it should.

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