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Little Money, Big Problems: H&M and the Fashion Conscious Campaign

Over spring break I was making my daily round on YouTube when I came across a video by one of my favorite beauty gurus, Michelle Phan. In the video, Phan talks about H&M’s new campaign to recycle and sustain garments.

According to H&M’s website, every year millions of textiles end up in landfills. More than 95% of these textiles and clothes can be recycled.

That’s why H&M is now collecting any and all garments you want to get rid of and recycling them. The clothing company’s mission is to “help decrease the amount of fashion wasted”.

There is no limit to what you can bring, but it has to be all clothing: any brand, any condition, and any quality. This is the perfect way to start spring cleaning through your closet! You can bring two bags a day and get two vouchers to put towards any item in the store. And for each bag of clothes you donate, you’ll get a voucher with a 15% off discount on your next purchase.

So, what does H&M do with all the clothes that’s donated?

“They ship it to the nearest processing plant, graded and hand-sorted. Zero waste is the goal. Items that are too worn and torn to be reused will be recycled and turned into raw materials and new products.”

To be clear H&M is not making any profit off this campaign the website says, “our revenues is to reward our customers, donating to local charities, and working on recycling innovation.”

Be sure to also check out H&M’s Conscious Collection, that includes a variety of eco-friendly fashion pieces.

Go ahead and visit your local H&M store. You know you have a bunch of clothes you don’t want, why not make a difference and recycle them?

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