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Monster Brawl Fails as a K.O.

This week’s movie pick proved to be an utterly confusing cinematic experience for me. While watching my pick, Monster Brawl, I didn’t know if I should laugh, cry, or be horrified by the production value and below sub-par acting.

Monster Brawl is a shoddy attempt at a mock pay-per-view wrestling event. It features 8 classic horror creatures as they duel to the “death” in an abandoned graveyard.

Each character is a twist on a familiar Hollywood monster, making it evident that the producers were not able to get the licensing for the classic characters, and include: Swamp Gut and Cyclops (both played by Jason David Brown), The Mummy and Werewolf (both played by RJ Skinner), Zombie Man (Rico Montana), Witch Bitch (Holly Letkeman), and Lady Vampire (Kelly Couture). Each fight is subsequently interrupted with a back-story of the two dueling monsters.

It was evident, while watching the film, that Monster Brawl did not take itself too seriously. However in its attempt to do so, it failed miserably, comically. The funniest moments of the film were the unexpected interruptions of faceless praise from “God” (Lance Henriksen) that resembled something out of Mortal Kombat.

Monster Brawl was digestible as a low-budget film. The acting, however, was poor enough to cause indigestion.

If you’re looking for some background noise while you’re fooling around in your parent’s basement, this film is just banal enough to switch on.

Run-time is 89 min. and Monster Brawl is not rated.

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