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Letter to the Editor – 3/25/13

To the Editor of The Hub:

H&M’s textile recycling program is certainly commendable (“Little Money, Big Problems: H&M and the Fashion Conscious Campaign,” March 23)—especially if there is no profit to be made—but anyone planning on bringing some clothes down should also remember that H&M has yet to tackle another “Big Problem”: Worker safety.

Many of H&M’s products are manufactured in Bangladesh, where over 700 workers have been killed in factory fires since 2006. The factories operate under sweatshop conditions and safety violations are rampant. H&M’s own fire safety programs are not subject to independent assessment and the company has yet to sign the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement—despite two separate petitions garnering over 300,000 combined signatures urging them to do so.

We all love the sound of an affordable and sustainable clothing company, but cutting corners on worker health and safety should be unacceptable at all costs.

Sam Nickerson ‘13

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