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Blanchard’s Linked to Allston Credit Card Fraud

I can see Blanchard’s Liquor from the window of my Allston apartment, its neon pink sign shining like a beacon of cheap prices and diverse selection. To many thirsty college students, Blanchard’s is a gateway to a world of drunken possibilities. Coincidentally, it’s also a gateway to identity theft.

Last week’s allegations surfaced on that the Allston liquor store was responsible for the multiple credit card thefts. The original poster identified Blanchard’s as the common thread linking numerous instances of stolen credit card information over the last year. Dozens of commenters chimed in to confirm the assumption.

Redditor Trickthis wrote, “I had something happen recently to myself and my roommate. We compared statements and the only place in common was Blanchards. Since then we’ve talked to several other people and it seems to be the only common link.”

Another user, The_brightside, wrote, “Happened to me back in January and guess where the only place I used my card was? Blanchards. Over $500 charged to a steakhouse in Quebec.”

Blanchard’s quickly addressed the accusation – launching an extensive investigation with the help of consultants and law enforcement experts including the FBI and Secret Service. On March 25 Blanchard’s released a statement via Reddit acknowledging their role in the credit card scandal:

“We have been cooperating with our credit card processing companies, the local police, and other government agencies in an attempt to figure out if we were involved in a larger hacking incident and how to solve the issue and catch the perpetrators. We can say, however, that we want our customers to know that neither Blanchard’s nor any of its employees was stealing the card numbers. According to the experts, we were the victims of a very sophisticated hack attack.”

According to the statement the investigation is still ongoing. However, Blanchard’s assures customers that credit card terminals are back up and running and measures have been taken to insure the safety of customer information.

Breathe easy – now we can safely max out our cards as much as we’d like.

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