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Rompetition: Shake Up Your Routine

How do you spend your weekends? If the answer is Sissy K’s, continue to stagger home in your Pink yoga pants. And please, take your Fun. karaoke renditions and Vera Bradley bags with you. Hopefully your bros and their fake Boston accents will follow. For everyone else, save the date for Saturday, April 13th. It’s the last day for UNRegular Radio’s 6th Annual Rompetition.

Each year, UNRegular Radio has been scoping out the local talent and inviting them to compete in the No Contracts Needed Rompetition.

On top of these bands getting some gigs, UNRegular Radio offers a final prize:

“2013’s winner will once again open LIFT Fest, take home the Green Side Up functional trophy and win a fully recorded and mixed EP at Stone Otis Studios. This year the 2013 Rompetition winner will also take home a photo shoot at RedHotBox Studios, custom made t-shirts through Bullfrog Blunts and more. These prizes are an independent musician’s dream! The Rompetition consistently takes independent musicians to another level giving the grand prize winner the promotional pieces that DIY bands need to Build a career for themselves.”

Like I said before, April 13th will mark the competition’s finale and promises all of Boston’s best local music. The show will be at the Middle East Upstairs at 7:00PM and feature bands such as Transit Gloria, Tom’s Folly, and my personal favorites, The Last of the Independents. All you underage kiddies are in luck, the show is 18+. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the doors. Sure no one wants to pay to get into a bar, but the loud music will drown out the sloppy drunk girl bitching about her booty call.

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