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SGA Nominees Announced!

It’s election season on campus yet again.

The SGA requested that all clubs report complete executive boards no later than April 13 so that there is time to train new members and prepare for next semester. The SGA is no exception to this rule, and prospective members have begun campaigning.

The list, as it stands, is as follows:

Executive President: Katelyn Boudreau
Executive Vice President: Amy Chung and Kyera Sterling
Executive Director of Finance: Sara Massery
Executive Treasurer: Greg Dowler
Executive Director of Club Relations: Phil Miranda
Executive Secretary: Currently Vacant
Executive Director of Marketing: Currently Vacant

Class of 2014
President: Jenny Konecnik
Vice President: Lindsey Garvey
Treasurer: Kate Murphy and Renee Omolade
Secretary: Shannon Croy

Class of 2015
President: Nicole Onofreo
Vice President: Anthony Andronico
Treasurer: Currently vacant 
Secretary: Nicole Capite

Class of 2016
President: Mary Kate Roffey
Vice President: Currently Vacant
Treasurer: Corinne Stinton
Secretary: Currently Vacant

Resident Senator: Jerry Nappa
Commuter Senator: John McNamara

Last night, the SGA hosted a “Meet the Candidates” event in the Julie Atrium. Candidates were supposed to mingle with students and present speeches.

Because so few positions have more than one nominee, no run-off elections are anticipated.

Currently, no more applications are being accepted. However, write in candidates are eligible for positions and may win as long as they receive 20 or more votes.

The SGA allocates funding for clubs on campus, as well as organizes class events such as Sophomore Pinning, Junior Ring and Tassel, and Commencement.

Candidates who wish to publish their platforms may contact the Hub editors at 

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