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Siya Gives a New Meaning to D.Y.K.E.

I recently stumbled across a mixtape entitled D.Y.K.E., which, for obvious reasons, snatched my attention. In this case, the artist uses the word as an acronym for “Damn You Killin’ Em.”

Brooklyn rapper Siya released the tape last October, but it doesn’t seem to have garnered much attention since, despite the fact that she has performed alongside chart-toppers such as Big Sean, J. Cole, and Wiz Khalifa.

T.I. has given her praise. He said she’s “on some gangster shit” and that it’s not important that she’s a woman, and Siya definitely lives up to his sentiments. Contrary to many other females in the hip-hop industry, Siya’s Facebook declares that she is “selling talent not sex,” rather than relying on ass implants and possibly intentional nip-slips, or pondering “how many licks” it would take whilst overdosing on plastic surgery.

Her intro track serves as her manifesto, saying that she wants the album to serve as a way to open minds, and represent anyone who hasn’t been accepted for who they are. Siya’s preferred topics include difficulties growing up as homosexual, her desire to hook up with Rihanna and Cassie, love songs dedicated to current muses and ex-girlfriends (including a rap over XXYYXX’s down-tempo hit, “About You”).

Not forgoing her “gangster” title, her cockiness is self-admitted in raps about her cars, drugs, and C.R.E.A.M. motto. On “No Time,” she tells listeners about her past lifestyle of hanging out with killers and time spent in jail. Tracks like “Bank” and “Ill,” call out fake men and backstabbers in the industry, which she compares to her authenticity and riches.

Siya’s musical style navigates between honest slow songs, and fast-paced “pop” rap songs, but it all seems authentic. She lets her fans into her personal life without holding herself back from having fun. Her style and lyrics aren’t really anything “new”—but they are songs typically crafted by straight men. Her goal is to prove herself as “worthy” in the male-dominated rap game, and D.Y.K.E. definitely accomplishes such.

Watch the video for her single “I’m Gucci,”

and download the D.Y.K.E. mixtape for free.

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