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Cropsey Reveals the Unsettling Turth of Urban Legend

This week’s film selection was an exceedingly well put together and unsettling documentary entitled Cropsey.

Cropsey was created by two independent film makers, Barbara Brancaccio and Joshua Zeman, and recounts the seedy underbelly of Staten Island, New York.

The film documents Brancaccio and Zenman as they come to the disturbing realization that the tauntingly horrifying urban legends of their past may in fact have some validity.

While documenting the origins of the urban legend of Cropsey, which at the time of filming had been appropriated into New York vernacular as a term identifying a psychotic, violent criminal, the team stumbles upon real-life evidence that this terminology might in fact be representative of a series of actual incidents; specifically that of the case of Andre Rand.

While the film is reminiscent of a middle-of- the-season episode of The X-Files it proves to be a disturbingly chilling glimpse into the real-life horror of a child murderer.

The film is also exceedingly unbiased. The filmmakers were successful in capturing every angle of the story, from interviewing the parents of the victims to attempting an interview with the suspect in question himself.

While the pacing of the film lags it still proves to be an extremely unsettling reminder that true horror does not always have to be fiction.

Run time for Cropsey is 84 min. and it is unrated.  

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