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Little Money, Big Problems: The Turnabout Shoppe

Designer clothing: it’s expensive, luxurious, and sometimes unattainable.

But what if you actually could own a piece of Valenino for your own closet?

According to information on its website, The Turnabout Shoppe is a consignment store expressly focused on selling both new (from stores) and gently worn items (from consignors).

Located in Wellesly, MA, The Turnabout Shoppe was founded in 1991 by Elaine Sugarman and Herb Kutzman and sells “women’s clothing and accessories from the world’s finest designers at incredibly low prices.”

Now I know what you’re thinking, even though it’s discounted it still costs way too much. But think about it… Chanel, Arami, Gucci, all these incredible designers with their prices cut down so low, how could you say no?

Located at the oldest building in Wellesly (built in 1896), I ventured out to see what the Shoppe is all about.

Now I didn’t purchase anything, but my eyes were opened to how incredibly accessible it is to actually buy designer fashion and I mean, real designer fashion.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so close to so many Chanel dresses, I even found a pair of Dior shoes…in my size (5)!

For a true fashionista the Turnabout Shoppe is considered fashion heaven!

If you’re into designer clothing and want to expand your collection definitely visit the Turnabout Shoppe.

And if you’re not sure you should still check it out, at least visit its Facebook page to see updates and the new items that have been added to the store.

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