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To the future Wegmans: “Bring it on.” Love, the COF

It’s official: a Wegmans grocery store is coming to the Fenway. The store is set to open at the Landmark Center on the corner of Park Drive and Brookline Ave, but the rest of the plans are still in the works.

Diana Pisciotta, the spokesperson for Samuels & Associates, who owns the Landmark Center, said, “The only comments that we have about [the new store location] is that we’re having very positive conversations with Wegmans. We’re sure that we’ll reach a deal soon and that we’ll have more comments in the next few months.”

Based in Rochester, N.Y., with one Massachusetts location in Northborough, the family-owned Wegmans is taking the next step by venturing into the urban area home to the Red Sox. The new location will surely spark competition with neighboring Shaw’s Market, a beloved food supplier and late night hangout for many Emmanuel students.

If and when the store does open, it will have to gain the support of the Colleges of the Fenway students, especially the surrounding campuses of Emmanuel, Simmons, and Wheelock. And there are some important questions to consider before its grand opening.

1. Prices. Now in my fourth year of college, I’ve experienced (as I’m sure most of us have) the glamour of living on a college budget. Truth be told, I’ll drag my reusable shopping bags wherever I can buy Ramen and Easy Mac for the cheapest possible prices, and preferably with Fenway Cash and multiple coupons. Can you say, “Extreme Couponing: Emmanuel Edition”?

2. Hours. One of the benefits of Shaw’s is that it’s open 24 hours. If you’re pulling an all-nighter during finals week, for instance, it’s open to fulfill your caffeine needs. And if you’re craving munchies while casually strolling along the Muddy River in the dark (we know who you are, midnight tokers), the frozen aisle is right around the corner. For a COF student, it’s the Holy Grail of midnight snacks, and its late night hours allow us to use and abuse it. The question is, will Wegmans have the ammo to compete?

3. Alcohol. “Wait, what? Shaw’s doesn’t sell alcohol.” That’s right, but Wegmans sells beer and wine. Since Emmanuel is a dry campus and its students don’t consume alcohol, this doesn’t concern those enjoying luxurious dorm living. But it may be of import for the 21+ off-campus students and neighboring Simmons and Wheelock dorm residents. Bottoms up, scholars!

To the future Wegmans, I’d like to say, “Bring it on.” Come prepared to handle rowdy late night shoppers, and you surely won’t let down the college population of the Fenway. Come with cheap beer, and we’ll welcome you with open arms.

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