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DDm, Tell ‘Em Why You Mad

When Beyoncé released her new song “Bow Down/I Been On” last week, I expected a horde of remixes to arrive swiftly. What I wasn’t expecting was the first one I heard to be from a gay rapper—which I guess was a stupid oversight of my own.

DDm has been heralded as “Baltimore’s First Openly Gay Rapper,” after he came out in 2011, and has since released a slew of remixes, mixtapes, freestyle videos, and even a song with a feature from Rye Rye.

While listening to his “Bow Down” track on repeat, I began to realize how aggressive the track was. Reviewing his other songs, I noticed that hostility is a common theme to his music. On his Youtube, DDm created a promotional trailer for one of his mixtapes, and in the video he used a clip of Nicki Minaj talking about her musical alter ego “Roman,” where she describes him as being “conceived in rage.” After a message appears comparing himself to Minaj’s character, the trailer cuts in with him freestyling, his raps full of insults and references to guns and bloodstains.

Yet, in his YouTube videos, he jokes around and seems perfectly loveable. It’s not just DDm either; all of the queer rappers that I listen to seem adorable in videos, but then have an attitude adjustment for the worse when they get behind a microphone.

It took me longer than it should have to realize why DDm is so angry (and why I loved it): because he’s gay.

A lot of the hate that I’ve seen towards gay men is that they’re all either “bitches” or “assholes.” I’m not denying that, and certainly not excluding myself from either denomination, but there definitely is a reason for the “typical” attitude. It’s just a little thing called homophobia, and growing up in a world that hates us makes us hate it right back.

I’m obviously not saying that queers can never be nice, but there definitely is a reason for the anger, and rap provides the perfect outlet for it.

Listen to my favorite take on Bey here:

and download his mixtapes at DatPiff.

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