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Gates Foundation Offering $100,000 for Next-Gen Condom

With a little incentive from Bill Gates, Grand Challenges in Global Health Program is looking for someone to create a new condom. Condoms are the most available but not quite desirable forms of contraceptive. This contest is meant to find a new condom design that, “significantly preserves or enhances pleasure, in order to improve uptake and regular use.”

Apparently the condom has begun to lose its sex appeal, so in order to continue to promote safe sex, Grand Challenges in Global Health has taken it upon themselves to reach out to anyone listening, and help them give the condom a new look and feel.

The $100,000 grant being offered should mean the company should receive a decent amount of prototypes. The health care company will be looking at everything from the packaging and designs to the feel and accessibility of the condom. Whether or not any of the prototypes will be successful though is another question.

If you’re looking for a quick $100,000 ask yourself, significant other, or that person from the bar last Friday night, how can the condom be improved. With all that money on the line it just may be worth it to submit an idea. I have high hopes for this contest, someone out there has got to have the blueprints for a condom that disappears after applying it, yet still provides the same amount of protection.

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