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Go Bold or Go Home!

This spring 2013 fashion trends are over the top. Mainstream became too common, and “exaggeration” is what this season is bringing back to style. The 60’s are back in style, so let’s get groovy with it!

Flower power

Oversized flower patterns are back in style. Most of the most influential designers like Coco Chanel, Mark Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, and Kate Spade are innovating the world with their floral prints.  Mixing and matching floral prints with each other is no longer a fashion crime, because the weirder it looks, the most sophisticated you seem.

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda’s were my favorite piece of clothing back in middle school and now that they’re back in style! Summer is approaching and it will eventually get belligerently hot, so why not spice up your look with some long shorts, or what the world calls them, Bermudas. Bermudas look classy, elegant and chic. You can mix and match them with any colored shirt and shoes, and even better, they’re very slimming.

“Sheen” Bright like a Diamond

Sheen is a glossy type of material– think mermaid. Its shimmer is what has caught the eyes of designers. The more the material sparkles and shines, the better you are.

Stripes All Over

Apparently, the convict look is back. Whenever I think of stripes I think of jail. However, designers are working hard to overcome this idea by making their stripped clothing bolder. Although sometimes stripes can be too much, it looks good on every body type.

Ruffle Me That!

Oversized ruffles are what’s up this spring. Designers are stressing the idea of “the bigger, the better!” The more ruffles your shirt or dress has, the more fashionable you’ll be. Although some women think that ruffles can make them look like a poodle, they clearly do not know how good this looks with a nice pair of jeans and wedges for a casual date with your man. Ruffles can be dressed up or down and they still make you look fabulous.

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One Response to Go Bold or Go Home!

  1. Sarah Eats Ribs (@saraherib)

    March 31, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    So excited for spring fashion!! Does the peplum style count under “ruffles?” I’m all about that this year….

    Also, pretty sure it’s MarC* Jacobs, not Mark 🙂