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Lindsay Lying Down 5: The New Cool Birthday


Lindsay Lying Down: Episode 5

Although she is hardly applying for social security, Lindsay greeted her 22nd birthday this year with some trepidation.

“I’m old now,” she complained as she reflected on how 21 is the last fun birthday. Determined to make her feel better, we agreed to make 22 the new cool birthday.

We rounded up some friends and hopped to a couple bars, finally settling at Flann O’Brien’s because Lindsay liked making fun of the music they were playing. Lindsay even decided to have a conversation with the DJ and give him her thoughts.

Everyone bought Lindsay a birthday drink with the result that by the time the bar closed, Lindsay didn’t have much patience for the line to get outside.

Instead, Lindsay turned on the stop and decided to “dip set” out the emergency exit which set off the alarm. She and I made it back to Emmanuel, at which point she called her friend Kenah.

“I’m in a cab right now on my way to your apartment. What’s going to happen when I get there and you’re not there?” she demanded as she leaned on her bed.

In the end, Lindsay got to do everything she wanted on her birthday, even if she couldn’t remember it.

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